About Hope Embraced
Hope Embraced is family-owned and operated. Our clients become lifelong friends as we travel this very amazing journey of adoption with them. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are unique, and come with a personal touch.
Jeanna Smith, 
Executive Director,
Certified Adoption Investigator
[email protected]

​(864) 641-8142​​

I have been blessed on all sides of adoption. I was a birth mom when I was 20 years old and experienced a lot of the emotions that birth moms go through. Then years later after getting married, went through years of infertility before becoming an adoptive parent. Adoption is very close to my heart and it brings me great joy to be a part of the adoption process with so many families. We believe families are formed in many different ways!

I have a degree in education,experience working in crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes, working with adoption attorneys and adoption agencies, working face to face with birth parents, and guiding adopting families. I thank God for my professional and personal experiences through life so I can better relate to families going through this experience.  I look forward to working with you.

Michael Smith, BFA
Assistant Director,
Graphic Designer, Marketing, Professional Photographer
[email protected] / www.CrossroadDesignsStudio.com

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I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I am an adoptee (I actually had to sit down at 9 years old to look at profiles to choose my family!) and an adoptive parent. My wife, Jeanna, was a birth mother as well. Together, with our personal and professional experience, we are able to help families get a profile that is a “cut above” the other profiles that are out there. Jeanna is able to read through and help families with the text, from a birth mom’s perspective, and I am able to bring my vision and creativity to the profile with the graphics added to the family’s pictures and text.

I have had the privilege of helping families with their adoption profile/ dear birth mother letter/ lifestyle presentation for many years.  I offer other services as well, such as, Websites, Brochures,  and Pass-a-long cards, to help in networking your family and getting the word out there as much as possible.  I can do adoption (birth) announcements, invitations and family books.  I am here to help you! We want you to have the best profile possible so that a birth mom sees who you are with clarity and excitement. Pictures and text are very important in the profile. It is the package deal! You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Berniece Hurley,
Adoption Specialist (Special Needs/Special Circumstance Adoptions), Adoption Coordinator & Support
[email protected]

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I come from a big family and have great experience as long as I can remember! I love the arts especially theater and music. I am the grandmotherly type with a loving and happy attitude. My only child is a beautiful well accomplished 25 year old daughter. I also love pets especially dogs and I have an adorable tiny toy poodle and a teacup size chihuahua. I have a positive outlook on life and of course enjoy the company of children.

I have been a part of the National Right to Life for over 30 years.  National Right to Life carries out its lifesaving mission by promoting respect for the worth and dignity of every individual human being, born or unborn, including unborn children from their beginning; those newly born; persons with disabilities; older people; and other vulnerable people, especially those who cannot defend themselves.  I am committed to helping children who may not otherwise have a chance to have a family to love them or give them a chance to grow and thrive.

Deann Borkowski, LMSW
Birth Parent Coordinator
Certified Adoption Investigator
[email protected]

​(610) 246-2669

My name is Deann Borkowski and I am excited to join the team of Hope Embraced Adoption Agency. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Service from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, with a concentration in Clinical Social Work. I have over fifteen years of experience in social work including a strong background in advocacy, adoption, care coordination, community outreach, and supportive counseling. 

More specifically, I have over eight years of experience in adoption, including work with birth mothers, adoptive parents, adopted children, adoption attorneys, and adoption agencies. Adoption holds a very special place in my heart and I feel it was I what I was called to do. I look forward to meeting you and to supporting you in your journey!