Hope Embraced Partners

Hope Embraced is happy to coordinate referrals for our clients.  We have great agencies and attorneys we partner with when needed to help achieve goals of adoption.

 Embracing Hope for Birth Moms
We are here to help. We have people with personal experience with adoption that can help guide you in your process and decision making about adoption. We have birth moms, adoptees and adoptive moms who have experienced the miracle of adoption. Let us help you as you start this amazing, challenging, rewarding, emotional, crazy (in a good way), miracle that you can experience because of the love and concern in your heart you have for your child. You will have support all the way through. We have made lifelong friendships with women going through this. Please let us be there for you!

Crossroad Designs Studio​​

Here at Crossroad Designs Studio, my goal is to make your ideas into visual masterpieces! My particular specialty is in the creation of Adoption Profiles. I am a professional photographer and a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with concentrations in Illustration and Graphic Design. I have been a Freelance Artist for over 20 years with numerous commissions for paintings and photography. 

IRS Adoption Tax Credit –
You will find the latest news about the adoption tax credit.

Family and Medical Leave Act –
Family and Medical Leave Act is the 1993 Federal law that requires employers that fit certain criteria to provide time off for employees when they have had a child placed with them for adoption.

Berniece Hurley, Realtor
- Assists with special projects and helping birth moms find housing options

Deann Borkowski, LMSW
- Assists with Home Studies and Birth Mom Assessments as needed