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At Hope Embraced, we provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.  
We are a licensed Adoption Agency that assists in all different types of adoptions.  We do infant, older child & special needs adoptions.  Making an adoption plan is an intricate process and our goal at Hope Embraced is to enable the adoptive family as well as the birth parents, to take an active part in making the decisions which so impact their family and future. Hope Embraced understands that confidentiality is crucial to trust and integrity in the adoption process. Hope Embraced will provide adoption services to adoptive parents, birth parents and children.
Adoption Financial Coach Services​
Financial Coach Services

Adoption can be expensive, however there are many resources and options available to you to help you put all of the pieces together!
Hope Embraced Adoptions provides this exciting, innovative adoption finance coaching service to help you.  
Our experienced coaches - and helpful online video library and live Coaches we know you'll find all of the resources and support you need to accomplish your goals and bring your family together forever!

Adoption Education, Guidance, and Referrals​
Education about adoption is so important as a family moves forward with an adoption plan.  Our agency has the tools to help you as you go through this process.  We have relationships with resources across the U.S. that have been built over many years in order to achieve the adoption goals of our clients. We have worked with adoptive families from all over the U.S. as well as Canada. We work to find families an individualized plan. We are able to refer families to other agencies and adoption attorneys if they are in need of adopting families for birth mom cases. Our clients find this service invaluable and feel it is the best of both worlds to be able to be working with our Hope Embraced and also be available for cases from across the country. 

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Birth Parent Intake, Counseling & Coordination​

We are able to meet with birth parents and do the initial interview with them.  We will be there as a support and guide as they make their adoption plans.  We can show them adoption profiles to help them in choosing the family that would best fit their preferences for an adoptive family.
If a client comes to us with a birth mom they have found on their own, we can assist them in our services.  We are able to coordinate legal assistance and birth mom counseling for the birth mom no matter what state she lives in.

Home Study Services

We perform home studies and post placement services for South Carolina families.  If a client is from out of state, we review their home study before they work with our agency.  We also have contacts to refer clients to other home study agencies if they are out of state.​​
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